Greetings from the Principal Investigator

Endeavors to produce flawless crystals bore fruit in the 20th century, providing the foundation for the rapid development of the information society. Indeed, without the success of researchers working in this field, the Internet or smartphones could not have been developed. In the 21st century, however, some commentators have suggested that progress in this area of electronics may be coming to an end. Our “singularity-structure project” is an attempt to initiate a Copernican revolution, repudiating the notion that all defects must be eliminated from the crystal. We are seeking to understand the basic characteristics of defects deliberately introduced into perfect crystals, which we define as “singularity structures.” We hope that this will lay the foundation for a new discipline within crystallography and for an understanding of the physics of imperfect crystals. Our goal is to fabricate functional electronic devices that cannot be fabricated with perfect crystals by taking advantage of the physical properties of these singularity structures. To ensure the success of the project, collaboration among researchers from various fields will be vital. We welcome both official and unofficial participation by young researchers who can provide novel and creative ideas. Let us make use of the understanding of the singularity structure to shape the future of electronics together.

Hiroshi Fujioka