Purpose of the Research Project

Crystalline materials comprise periodically arranged atoms. Traditionally, any disorders found in crystals have been regarded as structural defects that ought to be eliminated from the materials. However, our “singularity-structure project” is trying to introduce a Copernican revolution in this notion: it aims to focus on imperfect crystals which contain intentionally introduced defects. We are trying to understand the basic characteristics of the defects embedded in perfect crystals, which we define as “singularity structures.” We would like to lay the foundations for a new discipline within crystallography and for the physics related to crystals with imperfection. Furthermore, we will try to fabricate functional electronic devices that cannot be achieved with conventional perfect crystals-by having these devices take advantage of the versatile physical properties of singularity structures. We expect singularity structures to not only be applied to conventional applications, such as lighting, communication, data processing, power control, and energy generation, but also to new fields such as agriculture, medicine, pharmacy, and chemical synthesis.



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